Frequently Asked Questions

How does shipping work?
We offer Shounen Style Shipping by default on all carts. Item(s) will be sent with tracking using the Hong Kong post's e-Express service, which generally takes 7-14 working days. Items exceeding over 4.4 lbs will be shipped in multiple packages, and we will offer EMS shipping for Weiss BP cases and other heavy items. For more information, visit the checkout page.
Can I sleeve my Yugioh cards with standard sized sleeves?
Yes, we would recommend a triple sleeve setup. First, place the Yugioh card inside a perfect fit clear sleeve, and then inside a standard-sized sleeve. This minimizes the movement of the Yugioh card being inside a larger-sized sleeve. Then put the standard sleeve inside a standard-sized oversleeve. Matte Yugioh sleeves also work if you do not mind the color bordering inside the standard-sized sleeve. Remember to have the oversleeve cover the standard sleeve's opening on the top. Check out our in stock items for oversleeves.
What happens if my order wasn't delivered?
We will investigate the reason for the undelivered status, and can arrange resend the package accordingly if possible. Please note that it is the recipient's responsibility to ensure their package can be delivered, such as providing the correct shipment address, or notifying us in advance if their address needs to be changed during shipment.
Why was I refunded for Comiket?
If there are any items that we were not able to purchase at the event, we will refund you accordingly. Check your email/spam, we will notify you which items could not be fulfilled at the event. Usually, there is a higher risk of this happening if checkout is too close to the deadline, or if it is a popular item. Resell items are also sold in lower quantities at the event. Sometimes if early enough, we can have comiket staff allocate us items in advance. Otherwise, we will allocate our resources accordingly at the event to fulfill as many items as possible.
What happens when a shipment is lost in transit?
We will send an inquiry to the Hong Kong Post to perform an investigation on the status of the package(s). This process usually lasts 1-3 months, and if the investigation confirms the status of lost in transit, we will claim insurance and then refund you in full. Please note that this situation is very uncommon, as the Hong Kong Post is known to be one of the most reliable couriers in Asia.
How do returns work?
If items received were damaged in transit or lost in the mail, we will claim insurance and refund you in full after conducting an investigation with the applicable courier. Please note that Comiket items are non-refundable if the dimensions of the item are different from your expectations (i.e. size, thickness, materials). Please understand that these dimensions are determined by the doujin circles themselves, and they often do not provide much information on their official Japanese sites.
How many comiket events are during the year?
Usually, there are 6 of these events each year, Comiket, Comic1, and Sunshine Creation that happen twice a year. Sometimes there are other events such Comic Treasure. When these event items are announced, we will post on facebook to let everyone know. We recommend following our facebook page for these details.
Do you guys ship to countries outside of the US?
Please send us an email if you reside in a country other than the US, as our site at the moment only offers shipping to those residing in the US. We will be happy to accommodate you and can also accept transferwise/wise.
What happens when a shipment is stuck in customs?
Please continue to be patient and wait for your package(s) to clear customs. We assure you that this situation is very uncommon, as the US has a much higher duties & tax threshold than most countries. If you are contacting us to purchase from a different country, please also understand that there is always a chance that your item(s) can be delayed or seized by the customs of your country. We will declare all shipments as gifts and write the lowest reasonable value on the shipment to minimize the chance of any border delay. Please pay any import fees for delivery if required, we take no responsibility for packages delayed by customs, as such a situation is beyond our control.
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Note: Shipping to the United States requires 7 - 14 working days for delivery. Send us an email to inquire about our services for other countries. Thank you for visiting Shounen Stop.
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